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The Travel Clinic

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We are maintaining this website even though we are no longer in the business of
providing patient care. The information here may facilitate your communication
with us in the unlikely event that communication is needed.

The information here may be useful to you. Please understand that we have not and
will not be updating the information you find here. Consider this as your first level
of information to collect as you prepare for your travels. Further info may be
obtained from some sources noted in the main website or your travel medicine provider.

I have retired and The Travel Clinic has permanently closed.  I will not be seeing any patient for any purpose. Communication with us should be by email, not phone. (see: "Communication with us" below). Please do not ask us to make an appointment for you.  See especially <If we are not able to meet your needs> below.

• If you need YF vaccine, see behind the yellow button below. 
• If you need travel medical advice but not YF vaccine, look behind the purple button
• If you want to understand about the YF vaccine situation including the
   shortage, look behind the red and green buttons.

If you want copies of your immunization records, send us a requesting USPS or
email message with:
- your full name and any different past names
- your birthdate
- your current address
- name of the requestor (and relationship if requested by someone other than the
patient). Specify whether we should return the information by email or USPS. Email is preferred unless you need a replacement yellow fever certificate.

Please ignore conflicts and inconsistencies in the website and other material from The Travel Clinic.

Dr. Wilson

Communication with us

Financial issues including insurance

If we are not able to meet your needs

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