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Email is the best way to communicate with us.… us about your plans!

This information may be way too detailed for some people. You are free to browse, or you may simply email us and outline your situation and I can outline options for you.

This Intro Page will be used as a bulletin board for travelers.

Dr. Wilson has decreased his practice volume and has changed the way he conducts his practice. He will rely heavily on electronic means. Email will largely replace telephone communication. He will be in the same office, but hours will be less. Please read carefully the first four items on the list below.

Some of these ideas are still evolving and some of these documents are still in draft form. There may appear to be some minor inconsistencies among some of these statements which will be resolved with time.

Please do not be intimidated by all of the details, and please commit the time necessary to understand the process. Email us with your questions.

Please read carefully the first four items on the list below.
  1. Meeting Your Travel Medicine Needs (overview of options regardless who the provider is)

  2. Benchmarks For Providers Advising Travelers (standards for any Travel medicine provider)

  3. About My Telemedicine Practice (outlines where my practice is going)

  4. Getting The Most Out Of Your Travel Medicine Evaluation (reviews what an in-person or telemedicine visit is; outlines how to prepare for our interview)

  5. Immunization Records Requests

  6. Vaccine Boosters

Dr. Wilson April 27

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